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Building Community Around Campus

Teaching students the value of community starts with the example you set. Today, it may be on us to make the right decisions, but soon the responsibility of fostering a community that’s academically, ethically, and economically sound will be in the students’ hands. Let’s look at a few ways to get started and how Christian Froelich and the Harvest Table team are making a positive impact on their community.

Set your goals—then go bigger

Competition is tough for colleges and universities. Finding a culinary partner who’s all in when it comes to campus culture can be a big differentiator. Good partners share industry trends, innovative ideas, and push each other to work harder and do more for the students, the campus, and the community.

When I was in school, there wasn’t any experience around food. It was built to fill a need and move along. Today we have a different mindset when it comes to guest satisfaction. Christian Froelich
students having healthy drinks

Keep students at the center

The students are the reason we’re all here. They have expectations and our job is to understand and anticipate those to increase satisfaction. Today’s students want fresh, they want customized, and they want honest messages and interactions from those who serve them.

Our students know their chefs. We’re not just faces. We’re out, we’re friendly, we’re engaged. Christian Froelich
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A strong community strengthens your campus

Big operations mean every decision has impact–either positive or negative. The right partner can make buying local easy and efficient. Which means students stay healthy, small businesses stay successful, and everyone involved feels inspired to do their part.

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