Growing Together Through Culinary Development

Growing Together Through Culinary Development

Founded on the belief that the way we eat today is a signifier of the way we live, the Harvest Table team knows how important a balanced, convenient, responsible, and delicious meal is to our guests’ overall sense of wellbeing, community, and greater purpose. Through collaboration with local partners and discovering new ways to reduce our environmental footprint, Harvest Table continues to be an asset to the communities they serve.

With this mindset, a number of our chefs and key partners (Joyce Farms, Brasstown Beef and Niman Ranch) met for our latest Culinary Development Session. After seminars on whole animal utilization and regenerative agriculture, our chefs used their learnings to create new recipes, which were shared with Elon University’s students and senior staff.

This is just one part of Harvest Table’s efforts to grow together with our partners and communities, and you can learn more about our continued initiatives HERE.

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