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Locals, Meet Locals

Every campus would love their meals to start with fresh ingredients and their shelves stocked with trendy local food products, and every business wants financial stability and success.

But getting what you want can be a rocky road—We’re here to help smooth things out.

The problem for local companies:

Owning a local farm or small is business is a constant battle between selling low volume at high prices or selling high volume without proper distribution and processing.

The problem for campuses:

Students are more interested than ever in what they eat and where their food comes from, but budgets and efficiency aspirations can get in the way of delivering the culinary experience students want and need.

Our solution:

Companies like Harvest Table Culinary Group bridge the gap between local businesses and campus food offerings. Our chefs are constantly seeking out new partners who can provide campuses with fresh, seasonal ingredients—all while offering local business the support and infrastructure they need to keep business running smoothly.

We Love Village Juice—And They Love Us

Our students love any homegrown culinary concept making a positive impact on their community. So, we started the search for a new healthy-beverage partner who fit the criteria.

That’s where we found Village Juice.

On the rise and with a mission statement of, “To make eating healthy taste as amazing as it is for your body”, combined with scratch-made, organic, and healthy products—it was nothing short of the perfect fit.

Months down the road, our partnership grew into a full range of food and beverage offerings at Wake Forest University and Elon University, and more storefronts for Village Juice.

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