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The Healthy Equation
w/ Kevin Summers

Most premium colleges and institutions have a registered dietitian on payroll, but Harvest Table is taking the concept to new levels by engraining them into day-to-day life on campus.



ONE: true collaboration

The first part of the equation is making sure the dietitian is 100% involved in the process, especially menu development. We know flavor, but when it comes to health and wellness, we need an expert to guide us. Every recipe we make is run through our dietitians for menu analysis—what’s the nutritional content, allergen-info, and overall impact?


Most new students are required to get the meal plan so it’s important we open a line of communication to assess their wants and needs. Our dietitians provide one-on-one consultations, providing food therapy around health and wellness goals and dietary restrictions. We want everyone to feel comfortable that we can provide a solution unique to them.

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THREE: engaging events

Getting students to eat better is more than offering healthy foods. To really make a difference, you need to educate them. Our dietitians hold weekly events with games, trivia, and food to teach students not only how, but why it’s important to eat healthier.

These three components can help jumpstart your health and wellness program. After all, the students are our future and teaching them the benefits of better decision making, keeps them—and our planet, healthy.

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