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Why Buy Local

Picture this.

You’re selecting a partner for your college or university. Do you want access to fresh strawberries and tomatoes from a farmer who lives down the road, or would you rather them be shipped across the country in plastic crates? And what about your pre-packaged offerings–Do you want them packed with preservatives from a large-scale distributor or hand-delivered next-day from the trendiest spot in town?

The reasons for buying local may seem obvious, but how to get your campus on the right path —not so much.

why buy local
With chefs who care about the quality of food, the economy of the community, and the impact food has on our planet, Harvest Table is on a mission to make local buying as easy as possible.

How We Make Buying Local Easy

  • Our chefs become an extension of your team to better understand your goals and aspirations when it comes to buying local.
  • Then, our team leverages any existing partnerships or they’ll start hunting for new farms or businesses nearby that can (or could) get the ingredients and products you’re looking for.
  • Working with high volumes and experienced Harvest Team members, we work directly with farmers and businesses to plan harvests and distribution operations in a way that equally benefits everyone involved.
  • We’ll make sure any new local partners help you cut down on shipping, storing, and packaging waste, so you can feel good about helping our planet thrive.
  • Once a new partner is made, our team involves students. We ask questions, listen to their thoughts and ideas, and adjust accordingly. After all, their satisfaction is our priority.
  • We don’t stop after the kitchen is stocked and students are full–Our chefs keep a close eye on what’s coming in and what’s being used to help reduce waste. We can even set up efforts with the campus and/or students to make sure any leftovers get to those who need them most.
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If you’re looking to buy local, we’ll be with you every step of the way to make sure it’s done in a way that satisfies your campus community and strengthens the small farms and businesses in your area.

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