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3 Ways to Increase Your OSAT Score

When students come to college or university, it may be the first time they’ve been away from their families. It's our job to step in and make them feel at-home.

Students together at a table with a chef
It’s about creating an environment where students can come together and collaborate as a community.

1. Keep the events coming. 

Host pop-ups or themed events to surprise and engage your students. It’s the easiest way to get students to connect and hang out. And, it helps break up the monotony of everyday dining.

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2. Get hands-on in the kitchen. 

Students come to college ready to learn, and that doesn’t have to stop in the classroom. Encourage your chefs to get students in the kitchen so they can play, learn, and discover new flavors.

3. Give students the food they want. 

Today’s students want more from campus dining. It’s important to offer food that tastes good, but what about health and sustainability? Be open and honest about sourcing and preparation. Students want to know where their food comes from and how it’s made.

happy student at food trucks
students at food truck

Student satisfaction is a culmination of experience, involvement, and social responsibility. Start applying these three strategies to give students the dining experience they’ve been asking for. 

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