Congratulations, Diedra Goodell

Congratulations to Deidra Goodell for winning the Food Service Hero award

As Director of Catering for the University of Rochester, Diedra Goodell continued to serve the on-campus students during the pandemic.  While all traditional school catering events were cancelled, she found creative ways to provide food for in-person and virtual student events.

On top of that, Diedra also designed and oversaw the university’s plan for feeding students quarantined and in isolation.  Through communicating with the affected students directly, as well as assembling and delivering the food (often seven days a week), Diedra became a reassuring and helpful voice during their time of need.

Students communicated with her via texts, and as a result, Diedra found herself helping with some questions not directly food related.  From Wi-Fi issues to getting extra blankets, if she didn’t know the answer, she made sure the students connected with the appropriate faculty member.

Diedra’s compassion and service went above and beyond during these trying times, and we can not say enough great things about her.  To learn more, click here.

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