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Always Moving One Step Closer

Our promise is to bring an authentic, personalized and collaborative experience to students on campus. We share our culinary story with transparency. We stay true to the way we serve food. And we grow roots in every community that we’re a part of. To get there, we need to set goals across all aspects of our company. From our menus to our marketing, every goal gets us one step closer to redefining campus dining. Here are a few of our goals, and the strides we’re taking to achieve them.


The Goal:

Bring a fresh, local and customized approach to food

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We use insight and expertise to create dining experiences that students love. Everyone from chefs to dietitians are involved in the menu-making process. We also actively seek out local partners and farmers to help us create pantry lists and recipe collections that take advantage of local, fresh, additive-free and sustainably-sourced foods.

Our students stay happy and our partner universities increases student satisfaction, campus pride and retention rates.


The Goal:

Host unforgettable experience

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Based on years of experience catering for everyone from U.S. presidents to Super Bowl crowds, our catering teams ensure memorable events every time. Our wide-ranging catering systems help create successful unexpected experiences that break the mundane aspects of campus living.

Hosting events like these helps students take their mind of the pressures of college, create lasting memories and helps the campus boost revenue.


The Goal:

Never stop evolving

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Behind every great dining experience is recognizing that students’ need always change and they can’t be left to chance. Our DiningStyles™ survey, where we analyze responses from more than 130,000 college students and our Your Voice Counts™ program provides real-time data so campuses can respond to guests’ feedback and preferences.

Understanding student habits, behaviors, tastes, and trends keeps the experience fresh and relevant from day one to year 20.

We’re proud of the strides we’ve taken to bring students the dining experiences they deserve. But we’re not stopping here. We’ll continue to evolve and push the needle as new needs arise and goals are met.

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