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Napkin Talk w/ Kate Williams

Director of Marketing at Aramark, Kate Williams explains the Harvest Table Napkin Talk Program, and how it's increasing student satisfaction scores for campuses across the country. 

What is the Napkin Talk Program?

The Napkin Talk Wall is a way to open the conversation between guest service associates and students they serve. You take a napkin, doodle a picture, give feedback, or give a compliment to an associate, and our managers provide feedback or action within 24 hours.

How did it start?

We know the market trends of Gen Z, but every campus has its nuances. We needed a hands-on approach to understanding new student needs.

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How do students feel about Napkin Talk?

It’s opened conversations between managers and students. Students will say, “Hey, that was my napkin. Thanks for taking the time to look at that.”. They see how their dining program is shaped based on their preferences.

What makes Napkin Talk stand out?

It’s getting back to basics. We know the importance of good conversation and real-time feedback. It’s simple, but the outcome helps us create a customized experience.

students with hot chocolate

What's the most memorable outcome of Napkin Talk?

At Rochester University, we heard from multiple students, “We want hot chocolate.”. We listened and implemented Harvest Table’s first hot chocolate bar. It was a fun and memorable way to bring students together and give them comfort, warmth and creativity during the winter months.

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