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Redlands, For the Win

With Juliann Green, Partnership Development, Harvest Table and Mary Thornton, Founder and President, Harvest Table

The University of Redlands is a private liberal arts institution in California. Situated between beautiful national parks and hiking trails, it’s a bit of a hidden gem, but has some of the best graduate programs.

When Harvest Table looks for institutions to partner with, we look for stand-out programs and shared missions. With their access to fresh, local food, a community-focused campus and an innovative program that allows students to create their own courses of study—Redlands was an easy choice.

We interviewed Juliann Green and Mary Thornton to hear why they think the Redlands and Harvest Table partnership is set up for success.

What was the main thing Redlands was looking for in a partner?

They’re a campus that needed personalized, more authentic food experiences and have recognized that for a period of time. They weren’t necessarily getting that need met in the best way by their current provider.

Mary Thornton

What do you think was the deciding factor that made Redlands choose Harvest Table over someone else?

Our flexibility through the process of getting to know them, answering questions and helping them evaluate various options that they were facing.

Juliann Green

student dining
Redlands focuses on individual learning when it comes to their students and Harvest Table’s ability to personalize the dining and hospitality experience for their students was certainly a factor that they appreciated.  Mary Thornton

What type of unique opportunities for community involvement or special menu options did you see at Redlands?

There’s a very strong, diverse international population at the university. So, the need for authentic international cuisine was an opportunity for us to shine.

Juliann Green

With such a strong partnership, we’re excited to see what the future holds for Redlands.


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