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Wake Forest Spotlight

Wake Forest provides the highly personalized attention characteristic of the nation’s most selective private institutions coupled with the breadth and depth of a large research institution. Wake Forest is committed to personal education, inquiry and exploration, and service. The university further distinguishes itself through its beautiful residential campus, sophisticated computing and networking technology, and Atlantic Coast Conference athletic programs. The vibrant campus offers students ample opportunities to get involved, explore ideas, and take the initiative to create programs and events of their own.

In line with Wake Forest’s mission and vision, the introduction of Harvest Table has amplified the spirit of campus community by creating inspired dining experiences that enable student involvement and interaction.

We interviewed Jordan Rogers and Dawn Kirschner to hear how their much-needed vegan program helped Wake Forest take the win.

Why did Wake Forest choose Harvest Table?

The sense of community we provide, as well as a partnership that reaches beyond food into entrepreneurship were two. But, the main reason was making sure to their offering fit the needs of a very differentiated student body—especially when it came to vegan options.

Ranked nationally as one of the Top 10 Vegan Friendliest Schools

How do the chefs feel about integrating more vegan options?

vegetarian crab cakes
It’s a fun challenge for us to come up with new creative items that eliminate certain products. Dawn Kirschner

What are some of the recipes or techniques you use?

One recipe would be a crabless crab cake. It’s made out of hearts of palm, has vegan mayonnaise as a binder and for seafood taste we added nori strips. It looks and tastes just like a crab cake and people honestly wouldn’t know the difference if you didn’t tell them.

What do Wake Forest student think about the vegan options?

The response is positive and it’s not just attracting vegans because the food is so good.

We also do fun things to attract students. We try to keep the vegan options fresh. Sometimes it’s cauliflower wings, sometimes it’s a vegan pizza station.

Tell me about the PETA award

PETA is looking out for schools that have vegetarian options and vegan dining stations that are accommodating for guests. We’ve always had a vegan station, but two summers ago the humane society came in with their chefs to train ours.

North Dining ranked one of the Best Dining Halls in North America by USA Today

 With such a strong partnership, we’re excited to see what the future holds for Wake Forest.


heart of palm crab cake

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