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Developing the Culinary Apprenticeship

Harvest Table Culinary Group, Wake Forest University and the American Culinary Federation have partnered together to develop a culinary apprenticeship program. This pilot program was sponsored by Chief Culinary Officer Matthew Thompson of the HTCG in conjunction with the ACF and is considered a ‘Hybrid’ three year, four thousand hour ‘Cook’ track program. The program began this summer at Wake Forest with Christian Collins and Eduardo Perez Vargas. Both Christian and Eduardo currently work in The PIT and they are the first cooks to be selected for this intensive apprenticeship program. They will be mentored by Certified Executive Chef Jordan Rogers and his executive team and upon completion of the program both will become committed and dedicated culinarians and achieve national recognition as a Certified Sous Chef (CSC) with the ACF.

Wake Forest is very proud to be the first Harvest Table campus to pilot the Apprenticeship Training program and is looking forward to being part of the continued development of Christian and Eduardo as they strive to not only better themselves but the HTCG program at Wake Forest University.

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