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Hitting the Mark on New Food Trends

At Harvest Table, we’ve been lucky to be part of making a program for students to feel at home, to be able to take risks, do things differently, and have fun. My job changes every day, it’s exciting to hire chefs that can be creative in their jobs. TIM VANDERMEERSCH, WAKE FOREST UNIVERSITY

Tim is referring to a new culinary initiative between Harvest Table and Wake Forest University to create ethnically diverse dishes that helps some students feel more at-home and others discover new flavors for the first time.

Wake Forest chefs focused on five parts of Asia; Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, China, and Japan. Students and chefs developed recipes for Korean fried chicken, pad thai, jain bing, okonomiyaki, sushi, kimchi fried rice, and more—foods that evoke the unique flavor profiles of each region.

The initiative didn’t stop at international cuisine. New nutritional needs for plant-forward and vegan options have never been more of a priority.

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serving food to students
Including students in the recipe development process not only made them feel welcomed but also helped students feel valued and allowed them to connect with our chefs and each other over food. MATTHEW THOMPSON, CHIEF CULINARY OFFICER,

Working closely with Harvest Table dietitians and PETA, Wake Forest has also created plant-forward menus to give students the flavor and variety they need while educating them on health, wellness, and social impact in the process.

Wake Forest received an -A-A+ from PETA over the last 2 years and is one of the top 10 vegan-friendly campuses in the US.

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